Soojin Yi Soojin Yi
Soojin Yi


Soojin Yi
Soojin Yi
I am broadly interested in questions on genome evolution. This picture is me and a friendly Sea lion in Valdivia, Chile. Many sea lions like to hang out in the fish
market there and sleep on man-made structures in the evenings.

Brendan Hunt
I am interested in the molecular evolutionary processes underlying alternate phenotypes and phenotypic variation. For my PhD, I am studying genome and protein evolution, gene regulation, and DNA methylation in the social insects with Michael Goodisman and Soojin Yi. This picture was taken in Puerto Rico while attending a social insect conference.

Ke Xu
I am a Bioinformatics PhD student. My research interests include molecular evolution, comparative genomics and biological networks. I'm currently investigating evolutionary difference between sex chromosomes and autosomes in primates. In my spare time, I like to watch good movies and go to gym.
Jia Zeng
I am a PhD student in Biology. My current research is to understand functional role of DNA methylation on gene expression evolution and genome evolution in animals. This picture is taken when I visited Destin, Florida where I had a lot of fun fishing.

Jungsun Park
I am a member of the Bioinformatics and Biostatistics lab in Seoul National University . Currently I am working on statistical modeling of molecular evolutionary processes in collaboration with the Yi lab.


Navin Elango
Navin finished his PhD in Bioinformatics in 2008. His thesis title was "Evolutionary role of DNA methylation in animal genomes". He is currently working in industry. This picture was taken when he visited Grand Canyon in summer 2006.

Zuogang Peng
I am interested in molecular evolution and phylogenetics. My previous research includes molecular phylogenetics of catfishes; origin and evolution of otocephalan and acipenseriform fishes; and adaptive evolution of Tibetan plateau catfishes. I worked on investigating patterns and causes of substitution rate variation between and within chromosomes in primate genomes in Yi lab. This picture was taken when I took a field work in Tibet.

Charles Warden
Charles was an undergraduate student who worked in the lab since Fall 2005 until he graduated on Summer 2007. He worked on both experimental and computational projects in the Yi lab, including evolutionary rates in social insects and evolution of fRNA secondary structures. His honors thesis was on evolutionary impacts of coding fRNAs on sequence evolution.

Seongho Kim
Seongho was a postdoc from January 2005 ~ July 2006 in the Yi lab. He is an applied statistician who enjoys working on real data. Seongho's primary methodological development focuses on analysis of data sets with missing values by various statistical methods, including EM algorithms, graphical models, and MCMC methods. This picture was taken in the Children's museum in Indianapolis.